Houston dog trainer Michael Curran calms and trains aggressive dogs, even dogs who have bitten. He’s an expert in the field, helping families in The Woodlands, Spring, and Houston.Learn More

Shy & Fearful

We are Houston’s dog training experts for shy, fearful and extremely timid dogs. Michael Curran takes a thoughtful and compassionate approach to helping families with these very sensitive dogs.Learn More

Puppy training

The best puppy training in Houston, Spring, and The Woodlands starts right in your own home. Houston Dog Behavior comes to you to get things off to the right foot and address problems before they develop.Learn More

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  • Interview for the Texas Homes For Sale Resource Guide

Interview for the Texas Homes For Sale Resource Guide

  • November 16th, 2015

Recently, Texas Homes For Sale, one of the top sites for Houston, TX real estate featured us in their home owners guide. We provided and overview of our services and approach to working with dogs and the value of working with an experienced and qualified [...]

  • Safety: The First Pillar

Safety: The First Pillar

  • August 25th, 2015

Last month, I introduced the three pillars that I use to create an outline when working with any of my client’s dogs. SummaryArticle NameSafety: The First PillarDescriptionThree concepts are covered with every potential client regardless of final goals. In this article, I will dive deeper into the first pillar, safety.Author Michael Curran

  • 3 Pillars: Safety, Management and Modification

3 Pillars: Safety, Management and Modification

  • July 15th, 2015

Last month in my blog, I talked about LIMA and the Humane Hierarchy. These concepts are at the core of everything I do. It takes the animal and meeting their needs into account, and creates a systematic approach to changing their behavior. There is always [...]

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What Clients Say

He (Michael Curran) really understands dogs at a deep level, and he uses humane methods that motivate dogs and that help build people’s relationships with their dogs. Read more…
Rise Vanfleet, PHD, CDBC, The Playful Pooch Program, Pennsylvania
They build a relationship with your animal, and it goes beyond just training sessions. Read more…
Natalie P, The Woodlands, TX
With your wonderful help, we are more educated and equipped to maintain a happy, healthy and positive relationship with our beautiful pooch who we love so much. Read more…
Erika P, Houston, TX
Cooper is a different dog now and while we still have work to do, each day he improves and continually impresses me. Read more…
Carol K, Houston, TX
It completely changes the way you work with your dog and you and your dog will be so much better together because of it. Michael will put you at ease as he takes you on the journey. Read more…
Moore Family, The Woodlands, TX
We saw awesome results with Archer and are still using Michaels training techniques because they work so well. Read more…
Nicole B, Houston, TX
Curly and I are grateful for his guidance. We still work daily with the techniques and tools he showed us, and she’s still blossoming. Read more…
Cheri D, Houston, TX