Siku and Presley are two beautiful pups that hang out with Michael Curran the owner of Clicker Logic. Michael adopted both dogs when he was volunteering at a Border Collie Rescue. Siku found Michael first about four years ago. He was very nervous and hid under the bed. Michael tried everything to get him to come out nothing seemed to work, until he tossed a french fry in Siku’s direction. A little nose popped out and the french fry was gone. Never under estimate the power of the french fry. It still took time and patience and today Siku goes everywhere with Michael.

1339191050_4767_100_1209Presley had a few problems when Michael met her too. Presley’s back legs were paralyzed. She has undergone various surgeries and was even used as a teaching dog at CSU due to her unique situation. Today Presley gets around rather well at first glance you don’t notice that she kind of skips a little when she walks. Michael has learned patience and perseverance from both Siku and Presley helping them work through their traumatic beginnings.

Clicker Logic specializes in behavioral consulting focusing on bridging the gap between owner and dog. Michael teaches realistic expectations of your dog’s behavior and understanding your dog’s reaction to certain situations. He uses counter conditioning to alleviate troubling aggressive tendencies and desensitizing strategies to combat shy personalities.

1339191050_5719_100_1223Clicker Logic is behavior based training rewarding the dog for good behavior instead of punishing a dog for bad behavior. Michael has worked with many dogs that have impulse control problems. He learns what triggers them. Prey driven dogs might chase bikers. Guarding dogs might bark at people passing by. Slowly, Michael gets the dog to think instead of just reacting. A dog that barks at people entering the house can react better at meeting a new person outside and walking into the house with them.

Michael offers a free in houme consultation where he can observe possible behavioral problems and create a custom plan as unique and individual as every dog is.

Jennifer Patchton –