Monthly Archives: September 2012

Von – Buster

 After six dog trainers I started to give up hope for my Australian Kelpie mix, then I met Michael. I knew immediately just from his relaxed confident tone in his voice that he was different. Through Michael’s positive and extensive training techniques, patience, and a [...]

Renea Dahms DipCBST, RMT, CTDI

It has been my experience that Michael Curran is an excellent trainer with an outstanding knowledge and experience base. One can hire Michael with confidence and know their dog will be treated with the utmost respect as will the owner. Should Michael ever move closer [...]

Rise VanFleet, PhD, CDBC

If I had a dog who needed training or who had some behavior problems and I lived in the greater Denver area, I’d head to Michael Curran. It’s been my pleasure to know Michael as a fellow dog trainer and behaviorist for a few [...]

Gina – Chip

My adolescent dog, Chip, loves people, dogs, and especially rabbits and squirrels. This “love” caused him to become overstimulated very quickly and he stayed amped up… we like to say he gets “crazy eyes”. For example, he would see a rabbit and lose it… [...]

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