We wanted to adopt a rescue puppy but after a long wait we made a last minute decision to visit a local animal shelter just to “look”. We arrived at the shelter at 5pm and by the time they closed at 6pm we were loading not one, but two large breed dogs into our van. They did not even know how to get into a car and were afraid of it.We arrived home with two completely overwhelmed and over excited dogs. Our lives turned upside down, things quickly spiraled downward. One of our dogs bit and cornered our son’s friend within days of getting him when we decided to seek professional help.

Finding Michael Curran of Houston Dog Behavior was a miracle. He was available to meet with us quickly and began to open us up to a way of interacting with our dogs that we would never have believed. Michael was a wealth of knowledge including reading materials, leash paraphernalia, proper food, treats and shopping lists of things we would never have found on our own. Even when we balked at some of the things suggested we found they worked. He helped and supported our family as we reached the best decision for our one highly reactive dog. Our entire family was opened up to a new way of anticipating our dog’s reactive behavior by learning the subtle behavior signals and dealing with them at that point before they get out of control. He showed us by example with our own dog how to get the behavior we wanted and therefore decrease their reactive behavior. We were definitely the ones that had to change in order to assist our dogs to a better state of being. I also saw the value of his methods with many annoying behaviors such as “counter surfing”, jumping up on you when greeting, “cobbing” or teething on you as well as lunging after squirrels, birds, and other dogs when on a walk. Your dog can benefit from his methods if he is not aggressive. In fact, if we get another puppy in the future, I will call on Michael to help get the dog off to a solid start so that we can be free of many of the issues dog owners have problems with in the future.

I can say that we are much happier dog owners as well as having vastly improved our dogs well being. I cannot tell you how important it is to deal with behavior issues utilizing a dog behaviorist. It completely changes the way you work with your dog and you and your dog will be so much better together because of it. Michael will put you at ease as he takes you on the journey.
The Woodlands, TX