Michael Curran is an awesome dog trainer!! We brought our Chocolate Lab puppy, Murphy, home on a Saturday and Michael came to our home to begin Murphy’s training the following Tuesday. Michael immediately won Murphy’s trust and friendship; I was truly amazed that our little 7 week old puppy could be taught to “touch”, “sit” and “down” in the first hour!! Those things became our go to routine many times each day, particularly when Murphy had a case of the zoomies! The foundation that Michael taught us to lay with Murphy has made our puppy experience a positive one for all the humans as well as the puppy in our home. We have a positive, loving puppy that enjoys learning new things and meeting new humans and dogs! This doesn’t mean that we don’t have our share of puppy antics but it does mean that we are better equipped to handle them. Thanks Michael for all your patience, instruction and fun and for helping us have the best puppy ever!!!
Spring, TX