This is the story of our Welsh Corgi, Harley, who is 3 1/2 years old. We brought Harley home from a pet store to live with our Shih Tzu and two house cats. We first noticed Harley guarding the cat and dog food. He also would fence war with the neighbor’s dog. As time went on, we found that Harley could not be around any dog other than our Shih Tzu without a fight ensuing. One year ago, we moved to Houston from another state and noticed that Harley seemed to not be acclimating to his new surroundings. Things had gotten so bad that he had attacked both of our cats on separate occasions. Thankfully there were no injuries. I had researched different training techniques and had other trainers visit for a consultation for suggestions on how to help Harley. We were lost and didn’t know where to begin. I made a very emotional phone call to Michael and told him the complete story of Harley. Michael talked to me for over half an hour on the phone that day. I told him if he couldn’t help us with this situation, I would have to start looking into another home or a rescue group for Harley. I couldn’t take a chance that another attack might happen to one of our other pets. Harley was a nervous, uptight mess the first time Michael visited us. Michael took the time to explain how he thought we should proceed, gave us suggestions of tools to use and items to purchase to help with the training. I could call, text or email Michael at anytime with any questions or concerns and he was always very prompt in helping me. Dog training looks easier that it is. There were exercises that Michael showed us to try, and there were times I would not be able to complete due to my inconsistency or incorrect usage. I would text Michael, ask for help, and he was always more than willing to help however he could. We started this journey on December 10, 2013, and now two months later, Harley is like a new dog who is happy and loves his time with his humans. The problem wasn’t Harley, the problem was his humans who didn’t know how to interact with his personality. Words cannot say how pleased and happy I am with Michael and his program. YOU, as a dog owner, have to commit to work hard and follow Michael’s instructions for the training to work. I would recommend Michael and Houston Dog Behavior to anyone who has a dog from a puppy to a mature dog. I cannot thank Michael enough for what he has done for us, and for Harley! I would give him 20 stars if Yelp would let me!
Tomball, Tx