I contacted Michael regarding working with my Beagle, Charlie. My wife and I were about to have our first child and were worried about how our dog was so high energy and would constantly run all over the place including our furniture. We were worried that once our child came along, Charlie could possibly hurt our baby due to his high level of energy. Michael came to our home and started working with Charlie within a few minutes. By the end of the first session, my dog started to calm down and Michael taught me about the root of some of Charlie’s problem behaviors in addition to some of the triggers for the unwanted behaviors. Michael addressed quite a few of my dog’s bad behaviors during the lessons I purchased and it was like Charlie became a new Beagle that I can trust around my baby.As a learning and development consultant with a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, I spend quite a bit of time creating training courses that target desired human behaviors. Michael was able to help bridge the gap between my understanding of human learning behavior and apply it to my dog’s behaviors so I understood why Charlie was acting so aggressively. I now have a better understanding of my dog’s behaviors and why he acts a certain way.

I found Michael to be very prompt in his communication, on time with his scheduled visits to my home, and very professional with his demeanor. I still will occassionally contact Michael with questions regarding my dog’s behavior which he promptly replies to without charging additional fees. It is apparent to me that Michael loves working with dogs and loves his craft. I highly recommend working with Michael if you have a dog with behavior issues.
Houston, Tx