My dog Odin and I started working with Michael after a horrible situation occurred that could have led to my dog being put down as well as ended my relationship with my significant other. When initially speaking with Michael I was very skeptical. His approach is not what I was used to seeing in practice and the few times I had it did not seem to go well, but I was terrified and desperate and decided to try as I felt I had tried everything else and it was not working and appeared to be making the situation worse. Michael worked with us for approximately six months and guided us through a process of improving obedience, consulting with an excellent veterinary behaviorist and most importantly addressing me and my stubbornness and helping me improve my understanding of my dog. I cannot truthfully say that Odin is 100% better, he is still not obedient 100% of the time but I see consistent improvement and I now have a good idea of how to avoid and when necessary manage Odin in stressful situations. Odin is responding more consistently and it is less stressful for both of us. We will continue or journey together and Odin and I will continue to learn from one another with the tools that Michael gave us.Kingwood, TX