Our experience with Michael was so awesome. We adopted a rescue beagle mix that was severely malnourished, had battle wounds from other aggressive dogs and severe separation anxiety. When left alone he had chewed through his kennel, ripped up carpet, ate blinds and would just be frantic. Michael was able to give us the tools and guide us in the direction of establishing trust with our new family member. He told us that it would take time…maybe a year, two years, but it could be fixed. Michael helped us give him confidence through training, guidance in medication and helped us to realize what made him react the way he did. I’m proud to say, it’s been about 9 months since first seeking Michael’s advice and Oliver is so great! We are able to leave him for a couple of hours without a lot of distress. He is able to go to a doggie daycare situation and actually enjoy being around most other dogs. He is very relaxed and laid back in our home. He doesn’t try to escape by digging under the fence, hasn’t destroyed anything and seems very content. I can’t thank Michael enough for encouraging us to stick with it. It has been totally worth it. I know in my heart, that he will one day be able to be left for longer periods and know that we will always come back.

Cypress, TX