Michael is great with dogs – as anyone would expect of a dog trainer – but even better is that he’s great with pet owners! I joked that he was training me and my bf more than the dogs, but it was kind of true… We had a lot to learn about how to work with our foster dog and our dog, and some bad Cesar Milan ideas that needed changing. We made a lot of progress with our boys, and ended up keeping the foster! I wish we had had Michael around earlier to help train our first dog from the start.Our issues were minor, compared to most Michael deals with: Doc had some separation anxiety, confinement issues, light destructive behavior, lack of boundaries, no concept of how to be a pet (“what, we don’t walk on the dining room table?!”), and was slow to housebreak. But Michael specializes in handling aggression, so you should especially contact him if you need help on that front.

My boyfriend and I are better pet owners thanks to Michael. Even if you think you know what you’re doing, I promise you’ll benefit from a session (or four) with him. And as an added bonus, he is very accessible via text, email, and phone – so your random late night questions and frustrations are likely to get a quick response.

An important note to close: unless you send your furbaby off to doggie boot camp, no trainer can work wonders without your help. Commit to doing the homework with your dog every day, and you will see significant progress. Good luck!

Houston, TX