We are so glad my wife found Michael Curran to get us acquainted with Bruce, our rescue Golden Retriever. My wife had never had dogs before and developed a phobia towards Bruce after a couple months of having him. His zoomies along with him jumping on the bed and occasionally on her had her flustered. We were in a bad place which gave rise to thoughts of rehoming Bruce. Michael came in with a plan and allowed us to understand Bruce and calm him down with exercises which we performed diligently. He said it from the get go that the training was more for my wife and how she could understand Bruce better.  After just a couple sessions, she was able to overcome all her fears and regain her trust in Bruce. Michael was always available via text and calls and his advice came in handy on some particularly tough days and nights. His constant encouragement was much appreciated and we really are glad we found Michael. I highly recommend Michael to anyone who is thinking of getting a dog or owns a dog because after going through his sessions, you get closer to your dog and have a great long lasting relationship!