Michael showed us exercises to calm our dog, Dude. Dude was anxious around dogs he didn’t know and the calming techniques went a long way! We found a stray kitten that Dude was going after at first, but using techniques we learned from Michael we were able to integrate everyone…to the point both dogs and the cat could be left out in the house unsupervised. Cleco (the cat) became Dude’s snuggle buddy and Dude became protective over Cleco! Dude recently passed away and we have a new foster we are hoping to adopt. We are again using the techniques Michael taught us to integrate Cleco and Harvey. Harvey is quite wild and totally untrained…he’s been a handful. We just got him integrated with our resident dog, Mae. As a side note Mae has volunteered as a decoy dog for some of Michael’s clients who have dog reactive dogs so I’ve had the privilege of watching him work with other clients. Once Harvey is through immiticide treatment we will be using Michael again to fine tune the integration with Cleco and Harvey.