In 2017 we adopted an incredibly sweet, smart rescue dog; Grace. She had been through a lot. Neglect, abuse, life on the streets as a stray, you name it. We have had rescue dogs in the past and knew there would be an adjustment period, but it became apparent that providing a loving and safe household was not going to be enough. She has phobias, unresolved trauma; you name it. She didn’t know about inside things, like ceiling fans or furniture. It was awful seeing her so afraid of everything day in and day out. We couldn’t console her. We knew Grace wanted to learn, loves us and wanted to trust us, but it seemed like we just couldn’t reach her. After a lot of searching, we found Michael. He has been indispensable. Michael knows how to communicate with a special needs dog, and he knows how to communicate with people too. If you are looking for a trainer who will make an enormous impact, and do it positively-look no further. I would recommend him to anyone, for any dog.