Monthly Archives: December 2018

Katie H

Michael is awesome and a pro at what he does. I would recommend him to anybody with a dog whether it be starting your new puppy out on the right foot, you are pregnant and about to bring home a baby to live with your [...]

Tamera P

We started working with Michael about 6 months ago after our 2 male dogs "suddenly" got into a fight and couldn't be in the same room together any more. I say "suddenly" because after going thru the training, I realize the signs were there prior [...]

Derek H – Molly

Michael has been outstanding working with my lab puppy Molly. We have seen extraordinary progress in such a short time, especially with house training. It certainly helps to have someone like Michael working with your puppy!

Kirsten C – Axel

I contacted Michael after my 2 year old husky had bitten myself and someone else, had issues with resource guarding, and exhibiting a lot of unpredictable behaviors. I had also contacted MANY other trainers before deciding that Michael's methodology and kind/patient approach were the best [...]

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