We started working with Michael about 6 months ago after our 2 male dogs “suddenly” got into a fight and couldn’t be in the same room together any more. I say “suddenly” because after going thru the training, I realize the signs were there prior and the mistakes we made that made it worse. Unfortunately, even with Michael’s help, we could not get the 2 dogs to reunite BUT the training helped immensely in finding a new home for 1 of them that he is thriving in. In addition, the training for both us and the 1 remaining dog has helped so much that we were able to recently foster a female puppy with no problems. This was unthinkable several months ago, as the remaining dog had become extremely fearful off any other dog. We just signed up for some additional time with Michael and would highly recommend him to anyone needing help with their dog/s.

BTW – Michael spent probably an hour on the phone with me the first time we spoke, assessing our needs, listening to the history of the dogs, and making sure we were a good match. He was also very candid in letting me know that while he would do his best, it was ultimately up to the dogs if they would reconcile and he could not in good conscience make any guarantee or promises that they would. This was all before he took a single $ from me.