We are another work-in-progress, 2/3 through our training with Michael. Our dog, a shepherd mix, is reactive to other dogs, particularly small white dogs. We are currently in a rental home with an iron bar fence and no shrubbery. Our dog and I were practicing in the back yard and she was wearing her leash and harness but I was holding it loosely to balance the container of food I was carrying. The little white dog next door came out suddenly and rushed to our fence (the dog is small enough to slip through easily) with its owner running after it. My dog saw it before I did, and whoosh! The leash slipped right out of my hand. My dog stormed to the fence. I immediately did the emergency recall Michael had taught us, and which we have been practicing daily. By the time my neighbor ran up and grabbed her little dog, my dog had come back to me. I was stunned but thrilled that she returned so quickly. Though I wanted to get my dog inside quickly, the neighbor and I spoke for a minute, with her holding her little dog. My dog watched them but did not try to get away, bark, or growl, and her hackles were down. I kept petting her and giving her treats and when the neighbor and the little dog left, my dog and I went back to training. She was calm and actually more focused than she had been before the event. We are really happy with this success so early in her training. She has had training in other multi-dog classes with much less success. I am sure the one-on-one training and Michael’s understanding of dog behavior is what has made the difference this time.