We got Michael’s name from our vet Dr. Lisa Knapp. (She asked a veterinary behavioral specialist for trainer recommendations and Michael was on the list). Our dog has an autoimmune disease which causes pain and involves lots of meds, etc. Our sweet little girl has become unpredictably snappy, which is clearly an unacceptable and unhappy situation for all of us.

Michael and I had a lengthy phone conversation prior to signing up for training. He wanted to make sure he understood the current problems and the history of my dog, and explain his training philosophy and methodology.

We have had 2 sessions so far. I think that Michael is an extraordinary trainer. I am learning to better understand my dog’s body language. We are working on desensitizing her to things that make her extremely nervous. I now feel hopeful that we can solve my dog’s behavior problems, whereas before I was extremely uncertain and frankly a bit scared about the future with her snapping at people.

He is also teaching me how to train other important skills to my dog, with great success so far. He is available 24/7 for questions. I have texted him in between sessions and received prompt and helpful responses. I really can’t think of any way for him to improve his services.

I highly recommend Michael. He is definitely a 5 star trainer.