When we first brought home our new puppy Jack I began looking for a trainer. I picked Michael after speaking to him on the phone. Between sessions he is available by text or call anytime and responds quickly every time. This has been so helpful with a puppy because I’ll randomly have a question or problem come up and can rely on him to help me with it. He has given me many tools such as audibles/books, videos etc that have helped me training Jack. In between sessions he has me send videos of our training and check in with him to see our progress, and give me feedback. That has been extremely helpful. Jack is only 5 months old and can already sit, lay down, spin to the right, twirl to the left , relax(lay on side), weave , fetch, touch(targeting), and he walks nicely on leash. He is a very obedient and is on his way to being a great therapy dog one day!!!