I had first contacted Michael out of desperate measures, our family dog had bitten our child and I was ready to get rid of the dog. My husband and family persuaded me to hire a dog trainer due to the fact that my child in other words provoked the bite by attacking our dog. We contacted a few different dog trainers, and realized after talking to Michael that he was a perfect fit for our pup, and our family. We met with Michael and through only a few sessions, were on a much better path with our dog. We learned a great deal about what we as a family could do better, much better, and what we needed to do to make our home a happy dog home as well. We learned so much through Michael about how to be dog owners, and how to keep our pup happy. We now have the training tools and knowledge to be amazing dog owners, and our pup has never been a better or happier dog. Thank you Michael for your patience and knowledge, we are much better dog owners after your training.