Michael is an incredible trainer. When we adopted our dogs we thought having a dog is easy you just feed, play, and experience them but little did we know that there is so much more we need to know about dogs. We started to have aggressive behavior issues with one of our dogs. I was at my breaking point, I felt completely disconnected with my dog and I no longer felt like I was in control of him and that’s when i decided to invest in a professional dog training with Michael to try to get this situation under control.
During our training sessions, I have learned amazing technics to work with my dog, how to modify things around my house to get the certain situation under control and I learned to read signs of stress and how to respond to those signs this is such an important factor especially when you have young children. We have made a lot of progress and consistent practice is key. I take 15min out of my day to practice what we have learned and it makes a huge difference. Michael was always encouraging and has not only helped me train my dog but most importantly he has trained me on how to be a better dog owner. I have a more connected relationship with my dog. Investing in this training was worth every penny.