We sought out Michael to help us with training after our two dogs got into a fight in the backyard. Our seemingly perfect, sweet-natured dogs had never displayed this behavior before and we were determined to never see it again. Michael was recommended to us and with his guidance and training our dogs are now more well behaved and respectful of each other than before. Before the incident they acted like room-mates, but not they are truly friends! We’ve noticed them playing more and now only wanting to sleep when the other is near. Michael helped us identify underlying stressors in their lives and how to create a less stimulating environment. We’ve learned that spats were not indicative of hate or malicious behavior, but rather a reaction to over-stimulation and excess energy. The training the Michael showed us has helped focus our dogs and open up a new side to them that we had not seen before. Without Michael’s help I do not know what we would have done. We cannot recommend him highly enough, he really is amazing!