Monthly Archives: September 2020

Sara M.

Michael has been our trainer for 3 dogs. We are have had a wonderful experience with him. We are currently doing virtual training and our dog has made tremendous progress. We learn so much during the session and then work independently to practice them but [...]

Brittany D.

Michael was wonderful and very responsive. He helped our dog with his aggression. Before, my dog would be aggressive and lunge towards other dogs instantly. Now, he checks in with me and we can manage the situation. We did our entire sessions/trainings online.

Kimberly S.

I’ve been working with Michael online for the last few weeks. I was very skeptical about dog training online but it has worked so well! I don’t know that I’d want to do it any other way! Michael and I literally chat daily through an [...]

Alex S.

When I first emailed Michael my 5 month old GSD would bark excessively at other dogs and strangers while on leash and in confined areas (vet room for example). It made going on a simple walk challenging. With his guidance and training, I started to [...]

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