We’ve been working with Michael from Houston Dog Behavior for about a month now and it has made such a positive difference in our dog Lucy’s behavior in such a short amount of time. Lucy has some aggression issues so we are working with Michael and Dr. Haug from Texas Veterinary Behavior Services and they make a great team. The online tools make it easy to keep both of them updated on Lucy’s progress and we get quick attention to any issues that arise. Training online has been easy, seamless, and most importantly, safe. I think Lucy has gotten more out of the virtual sessions than she did from her six-week in-person puppy classes at the pet store.

Michael is an excellent trainer and seems to always know what to do in every situation. Lucy can be very timid and fearful, especially of new things, and Michael has introduced techniques to help her feel safe and comfortable without overwhelming her. I highly recommend Houston Dog Behavior for any of your dog behavior concerns.