Science-Based Approach

You don’t have to be an expert in behavior science to have a better life with your dog. That is what we are her for, to show you the way.

Michael Curran at Houston Dog Behavior is the expert you’re looking for. He’s made it his business to not only know how animals learn but how to apply that knowledge with your dog in your home. Michael uses proven reward-based nonviolent methods; he never uses pain or fear in the name of training.

Compassionate Learning Experience

Michael understands it is sometimes hard to live with a frightened or aggressive dog. He will walk you through the behavior change process with kindness and patience. Having an expert to help is a start. But, having one who also understands and cares about you is essential.

Full Support

Houston Dog Behavior provides private in-home dog training and behavior coaching. Our service also includes comprehensive online and phone support between and after the in-person visits.

Why Choose Us

  • Knowledgeable and compassionate trainer who can help your dog in your home

  • Stress free nonviolent approach to training – never scary or painful for your dog.

  • In-person, phone, and online support throughout the entire behavior change process