Online Behavior and Training

Online dog behavior and training is often the most effective way of addressing serious dog behavior issues and has many benefits. We have full online capabilities addressing: safety, management, and the modification of difficult problem behaviors. Sample sessions: Leash reactivity.

Benefits …

  • Increased safety, decreases the risk of serious incidents.
  • Decreased stress for your dog and family.
  • Ability to focus on instruction with minimal distraction.
  • You receive the same level of personal instruction.
  • Flexible scheduling, not based on your location.
  • Simple technology, all that is needed is a smart phone, tablet, or web camera.
  • Maintains social distancing best practices.

There is hope – even in this difficult time.

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Leading industry experts discuss the benefits of online dog behavior consulting and answer questions you may have.

Michael is an excellent asset to the dog training and behavior community. I frequently refer aggression cases to him and trust his knowledge and skills to help dogs and their owners. He is especially skilled with technology, and can work with efficiently and effectively with clients from anywhere around the world!

Michael Shikashio,

Lucy has some aggression issues so we are working with Michael and Dr. Haug from Texas Veterinary Behavior Services and they make a great team. The online tools make it easy to keep both of them updated on Lucy’s progress and we get quick attention to any issues that arise.

Dena Irby - Lucy, Spring, Tx

I was very skeptical about dog training online but it has worked so well! I don’t know that I’d want to do it any other way! Michael and I literally chat daily through an app called Slack. I can upload videos of my dog training sessions and he responds right away.

Kimberly Sly, Spring, Tx

Throughout working with him, we have been able to see how he has adapted his approaches to fit within the COVID-19 situation. He has set up slack channels where clients can interact with him and one another to better share information. Appointments are currently held via virtual sessions. These virtual sessions are just as helpful as in-person sessions and really help when your dog is nervous around strangers.

Valerie M. – Luna, The Woodlands, Tx

His virtual sessions are excellent, tailored to you and your dogs needs. I felt reassured during our virtual sessions because he was encouraging and coaching me along with every step.

K Martinez, Spring, Tx

Michael is great with virtual training and it is perfect with my schedule. I send videos for him to critique and I always get feedback from him. I can’t wait to see what is to come in the future with the training.

Kristen Welborn, Spring, Tx