Online Behavior and Training

Online dog behavior and training is often the most effective way of addressing serious dog behavior issues and has many benefits. We have full online capabilities addressing: safety, management, and the modification of difficult problem behaviors. Sample sessions: Leash reactivity.

Benefits …

  • Increased safety, decreases the risk of serious incidents.
  • Decreased stress for your dog and family.
  • Ability to focus on instruction with minimal distraction.
  • You receive the same level of personal instruction.
  • Flexible scheduling, not based on your location.
  • Simple technology, all that is needed is a smart phone, tablet, or web camera.
  • Maintains social distancing best practices.

There is hope – even in this difficult time.

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Leading industry experts discuss the benefits of online dog behavior consulting and answer questions you may have.

His virtual sessions are excellent, tailored to you and your dogs needs. I felt reassured during our virtual sessions because he was encouraging and coaching me along with every step.

K Martinez, Spring, Tx