Puppy Training

Puppy expert, Michael Curran, can start working with you the day your puppy comes home. It’s never too early. And since all our training happens at your home you don’t have to worry about health concerns or having all your puppy’s vaccinations. It’s safe.

Does your puppy …

  • Bite your hands, arms, and pant legs like crazy?
  • Chew on everything and anything?
  • Potty everywhere except where he’s supposed to?
  • Bark and cry in his crate?
  • Zoom from room to room chasing the kids?

You’re going to be okay! We’re here for you and we can get you back on track.

Call: (832) 510-8476

The Woodlands Puppy training in grass

They build a relationship with your animal, and it goes beyond just training sessions.


Natalie P., The Woodlands, TX