Shy, Fearful & Timid Dogs

Frightened dogs are often misunderstood. Well-intentioned attempts to have the dog “face his fear” or “get used to” a terrifying situation often fail. Houston Dog Behavior and Michael Curran will guide you through a better approach to helping your dog with less stress and lasting results.

Does your dog …

  • Avoid unknown people or new situations?
  • Cower or even urinate when someone reaches to pet him?
  • Tremble during thunderstorms or fireworks?
  • Bark at objects he hasn’t seen before?
  • Run and hide for apparently no good reason?

We can help.
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Shy and Timid German Shepherd in The Woodlands

Cooper is a different dog now and while we still have work to do, each day he improves and continually impresses me.

Carol K., Houston, Tx