Animal Behavior

Interview for the Texas Homes For Sale Resource Guide

  Recently, Texas Homes For Sale, one of the top sites for Houston, TX real estate featured us in their home owners guide. We provided and overview of our services and approach to working with dogs and the value of working with an experienced and [...]

Safety: The First Pillar

Last month, I introduced the three pillars that I use to create an outline when working with any of my client’s dogs. […]

3 Pillars: Safety, Management and Modification

Last month in my blog, I talked about LIMA and the Humane Hierarchy. These concepts are at the core of everything I do. It takes the animal and meeting their needs into account, and creates a systematic approach to changing their behavior. There is always [...]

LIMA and the Humane Hierarchy

LIMA is an acronym for “Least Intrusive, Minimally Adversive” and this principal is at the heart of everything that I do as a trainer and behavior consultant. The IAABC has a wonderful position statement about LIMA on their website that states, “LIMA requires that trainers [...] Do you speak dog?

Siku and Presley are two beautiful pups that hang out with Michael Curran the owner of Clicker Logic. Michael adopted both dogs when he was volunteering at a Border Collie Rescue. Siku found Michael first about four years ago. He was very nervous and hid [...]

Stress, fear and the 9News Kyle Dyer bite incident

When looking at any “unexpected” behavior from a dog, the first thing I think about is how stress affected the situation. Stress, and how a dog naturally learns to manage and cope with stress, is a major contributing factor in how a dog is able [...]

Analysis of the Denver 9News Kyle Dyer bite

Denver — In light of the Feb 9, 2012 dog bite of 9News anchorperson Kyle Dyer, I have decided to start this blog, beginning with a 5 part blog series covering all aspects of the bite, and our relationship with dogs. I hope you find [...]

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