Fear and Aggresion

Fear is by far the most common cause of aggression; find out other causes and how to work, live, and grow with our fearful or aggressive dog.

Safety: The First Pillar

Last month, I introduced the three pillars that I use to create an outline when working with any of my client’s dogs. […]

3 Pillars: Safety, Management and Modification

Last month in my blog, I talked about LIMA and the Humane Hierarchy. These concepts are at the core of everything I do. It takes the animal and meeting their needs into account, and creates a systematic approach to changing their behavior. There is always [...]

LIMA and the Humane Hierarchy

LIMA is an acronym for “Least Intrusive, Minimally Adversive” and this principal is at the heart of everything that I do as a trainer and behavior consultant. The IAABC has a wonderful position statement about LIMA on their website that states, “LIMA requires that trainers [...]

Stress, fear and the 9News Kyle Dyer bite incident

When looking at any “unexpected” behavior from a dog, the first thing I think about is how stress affected the situation. Stress, and how a dog naturally learns to manage and cope with stress, is a major contributing factor in how a dog is able [...]

Analysis of the Denver 9News Kyle Dyer bite

Denver — In light of the Feb 9, 2012 dog bite of 9News anchorperson Kyle Dyer, I have decided to start this blog, beginning with a 5 part blog series covering all aspects of the bite, and our relationship with dogs. I hope you find [...]

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