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Paul H. – Newt

Michael was a great trainer. Our dog had problems with aggressive behavior towards other dogs. By our third session she could walk peacefully in close proximity to another dog which is something we couldn’t envision before. All his tactics have been very beneficial and he [...]

Josephine R. – Harvey

Michael showed us exercises to calm our dog, Dude. Dude was anxious around dogs he didn't know and the calming techniques went a long way! We found a stray kitten that Dude was going after at first, but using techniques we learned from Michael we [...]

Anna S.

Micheal is wonderful at working with challenging dogs. We knew we needed help when our Siberian Husky puppy began displaying resource guarding behaviors. She is a timid dog with a strong prey drive and we needed a lot of guidance to understand her and work [...]

Courtney L. – Marvin

Michael is fantastic! He was the first person that offered me a bit of hope with my rescued lab mix (Marvin). Marvin was an escape artist, small dog aggressive, no manners or boundaries, and a resource guarder. The experience I had with Michael as our [...]