My adolescent dog, Chip, loves people, dogs, and especially rabbits and squirrels. This “love” caused him to become overstimulated very quickly and he stayed amped up… we like to say he gets “crazy eyes”. For example, he would see a rabbit and lose it… literally bark/scream like he was being murdered and nearly rip my arm off trying to chase it. For the remainder of the walk, he would be on high alert and something as little as a falling leaf would send him off again. Well, we knew we needed help and reached out to Michael for training sessions. We worked with keeping under his “threshold” for stimulation and giving me the ability to bring him back to a relaxed mood. Now, we are comfortable going around the block without any “crazy eyes”. While Chip and I still have to expand what we’ve learned to more situations, Michael gave us the tools to do so confidently. I would say my favorite part of working with Michael was how much love he gave my pup and the fact that his training encourages you to bond with your dog. It not only gave us more peace in our home, it gave me a newfound love of my sweet, goofy Chip and that is priceless.