All that needs to be said is these guys KNOW what they’re doing. They build a relationship with your animal, and it goes beyond just training sessions. They are available at all hours the day to guide you.
Your dog isn’t just their paycheck, it’s their passion. If you want your dog in good hands, if you want to know the key to your dogs happiness; these guys have it. All that’s between you and a better relationship with your dog is a phone call.I finally had to come to the realization without dog training I was going to have to give up my aggressive dog, Buddha. He has bitten people, growled at many and scared many. But what stopped me from giving up was the fact that Buddha is family. Your pets are family as weird as it is. And if family was sick you wouldn’t throw them away, you’d do whatever it takes. Michael’s Dogs is WHAT IT TAKES.
The Woodlands, Tx