My miniature schnauzer, Teddy, has continued to develop aggression issues over time when people enter our home. He initially started with barking and charging unknown visitors to eventually biting someone who entered our home.  It became apparent we had to employ a professional to help our dog and make him and us more comfortable. I interviewed two other well-established training facilities and their techniques were aggressive and potentially harmful to our dogs well being. Techniques I even considered because our dog’s issues were becoming overwhelming and stressful. After three sessions and dedicating ourselves to using the techniques Michael has provided, Teddy has made tremendous progress. Looking back I could not imagine having put a shock collar on an already fearful and stressed animal.  Micheal is extremely knowledgeable in his field and his behaviorist technique has proven to be the only solution I would recommend to a dog owner.  I Look forward to posting months from now on the continued progress Teddy has made. Thank you, Micheal, to your dedication in this field and improving the mental health of our beloved dog.