I contacted Michael after my 2 year old husky had bitten myself and someone else, had issues with resource guarding, and exhibiting a lot of unpredictable behaviors. I had also contacted MANY other trainers before deciding that Michael’s methodology and kind/patient approach were the best fit for me and my dog. My dog was a rescue, and when we got in in April it was very obvious that he had aggressive tendencies that my ‘old-tried-and-true’ methods of dog training I’d used for my other 2 dogs just weren’t cutting it for Axel (my husky). I was constantly worried that he would try to bite at me or someone else. I couldn’t ever leave him with anyone else because without knowing his VERY subtle cues of going up the stress ladder towards aggression, then they were likely going to air-bitten at or worse, actually bitten. I was at my wits end when my dog and I started training with Michael because of the stress of the unpredictable aggression coupled with the other very predictable aggressive tendencies he had.

This training is not a ‘quick fix’ and won’t happen over night, but it IS a long term solution! I realized that after a month into my training, I wasn’t seeing the results I had hoped for and that was all for myself to blame. This training will take time on your part as the owner, it will take mindfulness to examine what you’ve always done vs what Michael has taught you to do instead, and it will take patience! The expertise and training that Michael teaches is not just for your dog, it’s for YOU. Intentionally implement what he teaches you and you are sure to see the results! (don’t be lazy like I was the first month!!)

This training has equipped me with the tools, resources, and confidence to continue my dog’s training and better his behavior in the safest, most effective way possible. I was a bit of skeptic when the training first started, but believe me, after putting in the work and utilizing all the resources Michael shared with me, my dog is practically a different dog (and I’m a totally different owner)! My experience, I feel, has been a particularly special journey because of my dog’s unusually stubborn attitude and lack of interest in food as a motivator. On top of aggression, these hurdles are HARD to work around because treats and attitude are what you target to train new behaviors! Michael is an EXPERT at what he does though. After lots of conversations about figuring out what will motivate my dog, Michael helped me find solutions and new methods (while still holding to his methodology) that have actually worked for me and my dog.

This is not a one-size-fits-all training regimen! Michael is capable of working with and finding solutions for you, your environment, and your dog. Every dog has their own uniqueness about them- that’s why you love them so much- and that’s what has blown me away about this process. If you are on the fence about using these training methods, take it from me, they WILL work. Utilize your 24/7 access to Michael (he’s full of all sorts of knowledge, tips, and resources even for the smallest questions you may have!) and I promise, every you penny you spend will be well worth it after you’ve gone through the process and have experienced the transformation for yourself. No doubt, you and your dog will appreciate and respond well to the way Michael teaches you both!

I too, like many other dog owners, read every review about all sorts of trainers and spent countless hours on the phone with training centers. When I first read all of Michael’s reviews, I thought “surely, no one is this good at what they do…” He really is though! I have not had one bad experience through this entire process and will continue to recommended and pass along his contact information to anyone who will take it. Your dog will thank you and you will feel confident, as the owner, in your training and techniques after working with Michael!