Michael has been great with helping my dog, Remi. Remi was found hiding in the bushes at my old office and I ended up taking her home. She was so scared the first few days that we had her, it was just heartbreaking. Then her personality opened up and with that, there were some behavior problems that my family and I were having trouble handling by ourselves. Remi is scared of men and basically any person that walks into my house, but with Michael’s advice and his training exercises, there has been a noticeable difference in her behavior. Its hard-work no doubt, you have to commit to the process and keep at it, but it works. And having Michael available through text or call is super helpful especially when I feel like I’ve hit a dead-end with training Remi. I can’t recommend Michael enough to anyone who is struggling with dogs suffering from anxiety or other behavior problems. Having the online aspect was also very beneficial as it really kept Remi’s anxiety and stress down.