Scruffy is a Wired Hair Terrier mix, his looks attracted a great deal of attention as did his crazy out of control behavior.  He was a happy dog and I was a frustrated dog owner.  My attempts to control his behavior and my love for Scruffy wasn’t enough to harness his behavior in a positive way.  People meeting Scruffy either in my home or out in public caused me to say a litany of apologizes for his actions.When a friend from out of town came to visit and met Scruffy for the first time, I apologized for his uncontrollable exuberance and mentioned to my friend that Scruffy had attended obedience school.  My friend responded, “Just imagine if he didn’t go to those classes he would have been worse than he is now.”  Sad commentary on my dog’s behavior, but true.  That was before Michael Curran came into our lives.

During the training lessons with Michael Scruffy remained a happy dog and learned about making choices with his behavior. This approach created a contented and well behaved dog.  Michael’s training redefined Scruffy’s behavior without changing his joyful and playful character. Learning from Michael I now am developing the skills to channel Scruffy’s behavior in a positive way and have gained knowledge and confidence to sculpt Scuffys’ behavior in a calm and constructive manner.  Implementing the lessons learned from Michael’s dog training Scruffy will continue to develop into an amazing dog that I can enjoy as my companion.

Thank you Michael for lessons learned and for your continued efforts to care for our furry friends in your gentle and intelligent approach in dog training.