Boomer is an overly energetic dog, that did not have an outlet for his energetic nature.  Because of my frustration which was tied to my expectations of Boomer.  Michael suggested we train Boomer.  Through relationship building exercises, which utilize Boomers eagerness to learn, Boomer is now softer on the leash.  I no longer use a harness which prevented Boomer from jumping.  We keep up on no jumping through exercises which, through continued use and the cooperation of everyone we come in contact with are definitely working.Michael taught me to allow Boomer to present behaviors through clicker training which allow him to figure out what to do, rather than letting him be a robot through me commanding him or scolding him when I deemed something he did unsatisfactory.  Michael also taught Boomer how to use self control.  Boomer was on the verge of becoming neurotic.  We now spend lots of outside time together and interact with more situations, which are beneficial for Boomers mental stimulation and confidence.  Thank You Michael for starting Boomer and I on a great renewed path of friendship.