My husband and I contacted Michael for behavioral issues with our 3.5 yr old Shiba Inu, Archer. Archer recently started guarding food and toys at our friends house with their other dogs. He was also not behaving well on walks and barking at the front door. Michael taught us SO much about dog behavior and how to read dogs. He also gave us the tools to help Archer with his problems. Michael was very prompt in answering emails or texts and always had a great attitude. The entire training package we got included Michael coming to our house as well as an online journal for us to write in that Michael would review and post suggestions. One thing I should make clear is that training your dog and dealing with behavioral issues is not a one time fix kinda thing. YOU as a dog owner have to put in the work with your dog. You cannot expect results if every time the trainer leaves, you go back to your old ways. We saw awesome results with Archer and are still using Michaels training techniques because they work so well. I highly recommend Houston Dog Behavior training with Michael.
Houston, TX