We initially came to Houston Dog Behavior and Training to help us introduce our dogs with two kittens we had rescued, but ended up gaining a wealth of knowledge and a change in perspective that will stick with us for the rest of our lives. We are much better and more knowledgeable dog owners, thanks to Michael! We not only learned the proper way to safely introduce cats and dogs, but also many tools and techniques to help our dogs with all steps of life such as fear, anxiety, stress, excess energy, impulse control, obedience training and more. Michael is extremely knowledgeable, respectful, dedicated and has a tool or resource for just about anything you can imagine. It is very clear that Michael’s top priority is the safety, happiness and success of you and your dogs. I recommend Michael to all of my friends and know that I will be going back to him in the future if I ever need a trusted resource to help me and my dogs. If you are hesitant or nervous to work with a trainer like we were, do yourself a favor and work with Michael!

No matter what challenges you are facing with your dogs, you can be confident that Michael can help you work through them and set you up with the long-term tools and understanding of how to work with and train your dog for years to come. It is extremely apparent that Michael has a passion for animals and training animals. Not only is he educated in dog behavior and training, but he makes a point of staying educated and up-to-date in animal behavior and training in general. Michael has even helped us train our cats!

Michael is extremely dedicated and responsive to his clients. We were initially worried that the four initial sessions would not be enough to tackle our training goals, but Michael makes a point of spacing out the sessions in the best way to work for your training scenario. We began working with Michael 6 months ago and are still working with him now under the initial package. I have been able to ask him countless questions and send him videos of progress anytime with extremely quick and helpful responses. Throughout working with him, we have been able to see how he has adapted his approaches to fit within the COVID-19 situation. He has set up slack channels where clients can interact with him and one another to better share information. Appointments are currently held via virtual sessions. These virtual sessions are just as helpful as in-person sessions and really help when your dog is nervous around strangers. It is apparent that Michael is committed to finding ways to improve the convenience, interaction and education of his clients.

Thank you Michael!