I hired Michael after my dog was exhibiting aggressive behavior toward my geriatric dog. The breaking point was him biting me. Rusty was young and had been sick (on his death bed kinda sick), which exasperated his behavior. Michael taught us how to look for signs of stress and how those signs if not acted on would result in aggression. His tools and techniques helped us to help our dog be less fearful, more obedient, and eliminated all aggression. In fact he became a protector for our elder dog that was blind and almost deaf. He would alert us when my elder dog needed something. I am beyond grateful for his tools, teachings, and for helping us to have a deeper understanding and love for our baby boy! Michael was very responsive to questions or needed support while we were working with him. He has stayed in contact with us and doesn’t hesitate to give further help even though we have completed our training. This training method might not be what you may be used to but in my opinion, it is the best method and has created an amazing bond between us and our baby! We love you Michael!!