Michael truly understands dog behavior and helped train my husband and I to be better dog owners. He took the time to meet with us one-on-one to evaluate the issues with our dog, Tuck. He is a very anxious dog and we were exacerbating his anxiety with our own behavior. Prior to training, we were not able to take our dogs on walks in public without Tuck barking, snapping, and lunging at people and other dogs. Michael provides a step-by-step approach so the process of training is not overwhelming. We are now able to better understand our dogs’ body language so we can react appropriately when they become stressed. Even our calmer dog, Shiloh, is more relaxed since we have been training with Michael. His program has improved the quality of life for our dogs and us. We can now take our dogs to a park with the confidence that they will focus on us and we know the proper redirecting techniques to avoid undesired behavior. If you want to learn the skills for long-lasting results, the only option is Houston Dog Behavior. Thank you, Michael!