2019 Testimonials

Jennifer W. – Finn

We contacted Michael for help with Finn, our very big puppy. He was extremely excitable and overly friendly with guests and new people. His playtime with us was not enjoyable because he would become too excited and jump on us aggressively, nip at us too [...]

Adrienne T.

Michael was an incredible trainer. We just finished around six months of training with him and our German Shepherd puppy. Best trainer we could have found

Detriuna K.

Michael is beyond amazing!!! He has educated me so much on my new puppy. At first I was a little nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. He is so good with what he does. I will always send others his way! My puppy [...]

Rebecca C. – Ivy

When we first started training with Michael, my dog and I were both panicky! Michael was able to work with us to learn distraction and control techniques so that we were both calmer when we encountered other dogs or "threats". My dog Ivy is now [...]

Leah H.

Micheal helped our family so much. We have 5 dogs and after 2 of them had a fight, they couldn't be in the same room without aggression issues. Getting a dog behaviorist was my last hope to work out these issues. He knows so much [...]

Katherine L. – Hannah

Michael is the most dedicated and amazing trainer. He goes beyond basic obedience to truly help you understand your dog, his/her mannerisms and solidify your bond. I adopted a shelter dog who suffered with anxiety (separation and general). Michael was so patient with her, and [...]

Britini H. – Jack

When we first brought home our new puppy Jack I began looking for a trainer. I picked Michael after speaking to him on the phone. Between sessions he is available by text or call anytime and responds quickly every time. This has been so helpful [...]

Stephanie S. – Tuck

Michael truly understands dog behavior and helped train my husband and I to be better dog owners. He took the time to meet with us one-on-one to evaluate the issues with our dog, Tuck. He is a very anxious dog and we were exacerbating his [...]

Matthew G.

I highly recommend this training solution. Michael worked with us directly and gave us what would be unprecedented access at other companies, to text or call with any issues in the moment so that we could react in the precise way needed. I want to [...]

Matt J.

We have a newly adopted 18 to 24 month old puppy and Michael's methodical process of proven exercises is proving to be very successful, not just with our puppy and older dog, but with myself and wife. Very happy with hiring Michael, I would highly [...]

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