Dog Aggression

Dogs who bark, lunge, growl, snarl, and bite can be frightening. Living with a dog like that can also be heart wrenching and confusing. Michael Curran is known internationally for his compassionate and effective approach to helping dogs with these kinds of problems.

Does your dog …

  • Seem unpredictable around strangers?
  • Appear to be dominant with you or other family members?
  • Go crazy when he sees other dogs on walks?
  • Seem territorial?
  • Guard his toys or his food from people or from other dogs in the family?
  • Make you wonder if he’s beyond hope?

You’ve found the right expert – and there is hope.

Call: (832) 591-4231

It completely changes the way you work with your dog and you and your dog will be so much better together because of it. Michael will put you at ease as he takes you on the journey.

Moore Family, The Woodlands, Tx