Yearly Archives: 2011

Joy – Nila

I have permanent care of my mother’s miniature schnauzer puppy since my mother suffered a stroke when Nila was 9 weeks old. I started working with Michael when Nila was 10 months old. We have had a number of sessions together with a couple [...]

Tom – Boomer

Boomer is an overly energetic dog, that did not have an outlet for his energetic nature.  Because of my frustration which was tied to my expectations of Boomer.  Michael suggested we train Boomer.  Through relationship building exercises, which utilize Boomers eagerness to learn, Boomer is now [...]

Bernie – Scruffy

Scruffy is a Wired Hair Terrier mix, his looks attracted a great deal of attention as did his crazy out of control behavior.  He was a happy dog and I was a frustrated dog owner.  My attempts to control his behavior and my love for [...]

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