Monthly Archives: September 2018

Kelly P. – Teddy

My miniature schnauzer, Teddy, has continued to develop aggression issues over time when people enter our home. He initially started with barking and charging unknown visitors to eventually biting someone who entered our home.  It became apparent we had to employ a professional to help [...]

Lance D. – Penny

Michael is working with us to train our golden retriever puppy and has been very successful in empowering us to develop good habits for our puppy. In a very short amount of time, we have learned so many things with her including sit, stay, down, [...]

Sarah M. – Grace

In 2017 we adopted an incredibly sweet, smart rescue dog; Grace. She had been through a lot. Neglect, abuse, life on the streets as a stray, you name it. We have had rescue dogs in the past and knew there would be an adjustment period, [...]

Maya T.

I reached out to Michael for help with my two dogs that began fighting after one went into her first heat. I was on the verge of finding a home for one for their own safety. He gave me hope. He is very knowledgeable and [...]

Jennifer S

We have been training with Michael for a few months now and we just love him! Our dogs do too! The thing I like is that we aren’t just training the dogs - he’s actually training us on how to work with our dogs and [...]

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