2015 Testimonials

Kristy C. – Cupcake

I contacted Michael to work with my two bull terriers and I'm so glad I did. It's been a week since they've started working with him and I'm already noticing improved behavior. They love him and I love his training methodology. He is a [...]

Christine M. – Doc/ Logan

Michael is great with dogs – as anyone would expect of a dog trainer – but even better is that he’s great with pet owners! I joked that he was training me and my bf more than the dogs, but it was kind of [...]

Linette W. – Oliver

Our experience with Michael was so awesome. We adopted a rescue beagle mix that was severely malnourished, had battle wounds from other aggressive dogs and severe separation anxiety. When left alone he had chewed through his kennel, ripped up carpet, ate blinds and would just [...]

Debbie B. – Gracye May

 Michael literally saved my dogs life. I was at my wits end of what to do with her. I decided to try one more training before putting her down because of her aggression, ( shes been kicked out of 2 ) I called Michael and [...]

Rosemary T. – Odin

My dog Odin and I started working with Michael after a horrible situation occurred that could have led to my dog being put down as well as ended my relationship with my significant other. When initially speaking with Michael I was very skeptical. His [...]

Donavon S. – Chief

Houston dog behavior consultant Michael Curran is the real deal.  Our daughter hired Michael to help with her 5 y/o SPCA-adopted black-mouth cur which was exhibiting dog aggression. Michael's understanding of dog behavior is profound.  He explained many aspects of dog behavior, including body [...]

Suzette W. – Darcy

Our dog Darcy, is an 8-year-old purebred mutt and a loving member of our family. However, he wasn’t so loving with people outside the family. At one of our sons’ suggestions, we decided to try one more attempt at reshaping Darcy’s behavior. Through my [...]

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