Yearly Archives: 2014

Vera – Lucy

Hi Michael, my name is Vera ***** and I have a dog named Lucy. Lucy is a mixed breed from a local shelter and you provided four training sessions with us last Fall in Spring TX. I wanted to give you an update on her [...]

Daniel F. – Charlie

I contacted Michael regarding working with my Beagle, Charlie. My wife and I were about to have our first child and were worried about how our dog was so high energy and would constantly run all over the place including our furniture. We were [...]

Jillian – Kobe

I had such an issue with my 18 month pit/lab calming down. After the first two sessions I could see a tremendous improvement! Doing the simple exercises everyday and integrating them in my route really instills calming behavior. Of course it will always be [...]

Michelle – Harley

This is the story of our Welsh Corgi, Harley, who is 3 1/2 years old. We brought Harley home from a pet store to live with our Shih Tzu and two house cats. We first noticed Harley guarding the cat and dog food. He [...]

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