Courtney D.

Michael is absolutely amazing! Our 3 year old dog nipped our 2 year old twice and so we decided it was time for some training. I only wish he had know about this when he was a puppy! After 1 session we could already see [...]

Karli S

We contacted Michael 6 months ago to help with training our 5 year old lab. Our lab had started to become extremely anxious and hyper the moment we stepped in the door or we had guests over. We also had a 1.5 year old daughter [...]

Carol K. – Cooper

Thank you Michael. This evening our once-upon-a-time nervous Cooper surprised me. A neighbor he didn't know came over and Miss Social Patti had to visit. While the neighbor was on his knees visiting with her Cooper was whimpering at the door. Not out of fear [...]

Ann E

Our French bulldog slowly started resource guarding which progressed to him biting me. I called Houston dog and behavior and Michael immediately called back. We have had 4 lessons with Michael and have now have had a complete change in our dogs behavior. He taught [...]

Dana H – Jed

I’d like to tell everyone the story of Jed (an 80lb GSP/lab mix) and how Michael brought out the true Jed - warning, it’s a long one: I first came across Jed on Facebook. He was an animal surrender because his family had a baby. [...]

Cindy B.

We got Michael’s name from our vet Dr. Lisa Knapp. (She asked a veterinary behavioral specialist for trainer recommendations and Michael was on the list). Our dog has an autoimmune disease which causes pain and involves lots of meds, etc. Our sweet little girl has [...]

Vonna C – Shimmer

We are another work-in-progress, 2/3 through our training with Michael. Our dog, a shepherd mix, is reactive to other dogs, particularly small white dogs. We are currently in a rental home with an iron bar fence and no shrubbery. Our dog and I were practicing [...]

Laura B.

We’ve been working with Michael to integrate our newly adopted dog with our older dog. When we first contacted Michael we were in crisis mode, the dogs were acting aggressively towards each other and we were afraid we wouldn't be able to keep our new [...]

Sara R

We are a “work in progress” with Michael, but have already seen great improvements in our puppy after 3 visits. We contacted Michael because our new puppy was jumping and nipping at our kids. He is very knowledgeable about dog behavior and training and is [...]

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